The Most Beautiful and Interesting Designed Products

XDDesigns started when Heather and Matt met. It was a story of love and creativity. Heather studied art in school and Matt went to school for English. Neither Heather or Matt utilized their very expensive degrees for anything but instead worked in normal 9-5 jobs. To do something outside the norm, XDDesigns was born in 2010. Since than it has grown and now has 10 incredibly creative and hard working members.

We design all of our cases, shirts, etc. Our image design program has seen countless hours of use. XDDesigns is a lot of work; however, our team loves every minute of crafting and designing.

And thanks to our wonderful customers. Our work has become so much more than just a labor of love. We are closing in on 2,000 orders on Etsy. Thanks so much.

Recently, XDDesigns has become a collaborative of new designers and artists. Check back to see what new products we will be making.

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